Liquid Chromatograph - Quadrupolar Time of Flight - High Resolution Mass Spectrometer (LC-QTOF-HRMS)

    Waters state - of - the - art LC-QTOF-HRMS instrument has an ACQUITY H-CLASS PLUS UPLC system coupled with XevoG2 XS QTOF spectrometer.
         The ACQUITY UPLC system includes a binary solvent manager, sample manager, column manager and PDA detector. The XevoG2-XS QTOF
         combines StepWave ion optics, XS Collision Cell, and QuanTof technology for superior robustness, sensitivity and selectivity along with dynamic
          range, mass accuracy and speed of analysis, resulting in the highest quality, most comprehensive qualitative and quantitative information. The
          Xevo G2-XS QTOF delivers not only conventional MS and MS/MS methods of data acquisition, but also MSE for comprehensive accurate mass
          precursor and fragment ion information from a single analysis, Fast DDA for rapid, intelligent automated accurate MS, MS/MS, and TOF-MRM for
          enhanced quantitative capability.
Major Features:
        · High performance Zspray dual-orthogonal API sources and ESI/ESCi ionization modes
        · Combination of High Resolution Quadrupole Mass Analyzer (MS1) and High performance TOF mass analyzer (MS2)
        · XS Collision Cell enabled for optimal MS/MS performance at high data acquisition rates
        · Ultra-fast electron multiplier and hybrid ADC detector electronics to provide high sensitivity and quantitative performance
        · MassLynx V 4.2 software & MetaboLynx XS. 2 .0
        · Ionization mode switching (ESCi)
Major Specifications:
        · TOF Mass range m/z 20 to 1,00,000
        · Quadrupole mass range m/z 20-16,000 in non- resolving mode and m/z 20-4000 in resolving mode
        · Resolving power : > 40,000 FWHM
        · Mass accuracy: >1 ppm
        · Spectral acquisition rate (MS): 30 spectra / s
        · Dynamic Range: 4 orders
Acquisition Modes:
        · MS scanning
        · HR-MS
        · MS/MS product ion scanning
        · UPLC-fast DDA
        · UPLC-MS
        · TOF-MRM
Accessories/Attachments Available:
        · ASAP ion probe for analysis solid samples
        · C18, C8. and Amide columns with particle size < 2μm
        · Autosampler capable of holding 96 vials
Samle Requirements:
        · Powder samples: 2 - 5 mg
        · Liquid samples ~ 1 - 2 ml
          The combination of ultra performance liquid chromatography (UPLC), photodiode-array UV-Vis detector and atmospheric pressure ionization
          mass spectrometry (APIMS) has proven to be a useful on-line system for establishing the identity of components in given test samples. The
          tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS) is used to identify unknown compounds, to quantify known compounds, and to elucidate the structure and
          chemical properties of molecules. Potential applications of this equipment are listed below

        · Mixture Analysis
        · Molecular weight determination
        · Metabolomics
        · Pharmacokinetics
        · Proteomics
        · Bioanalysis
        · Analysis of Pharmaceuticals, Agroproducts, Food products and Cosmetics



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