Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy is a very powerful non-invasive technique that provides detailed structural information in various molecular systems. The AVANCE III 500 NMR spectrometer is dedicated for multi nuclei, Solution State NMR experiments.

    11.7 Tesla, actively shielded, standard bore (5.4 cm) long hold, super-conducting magnet with built in cryo-shims & 34 channel room temperature shims.

    Stable lock compatible with pulsed field gradients, gradient shimming with low heat dissipation. Automatic gradient shimming, Deuterium lock. The basic unit has four RF channels to carry out triple resonance experiments, phase resolution > 0.1 deg, frequency resolution > 0.1 Hz, Provisions for observing all nuclei including 19F, amplifier power: 300 W (LF) & 100 W (HF), high band and broad band pre-amplifier, shaped pulses generations in all RF channels, dual 21-bit ADC.


  1. HP workstation with LCD TFT monitor,
  2. Windows XP based TOPSPIN 2.1 software,
  3. Auto sampler for 16 samples and VT accessories



5mm Broadband gradient Probe (BBO), with VT & auto tune

for observation of nuclei in the range 109Ag to 31P with 1H decoupling; 2H lock; Automatic tuning & matching, Variable temperature range - 150 to +180°C

5mm Quadrupole Inverse Probe with gradient (QXI)

Inverse Quad Probe head with 2H lock for 1H observation with 15N,13C and 19F decoupling. Variable temperature operation from -150 to +180°C


Instructions for NMR Samples Submission


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