The Bruker-Alpha-Platinum is a single reflection ATR-IR (Attenuated Total Internal Reflectance) module which utilizes the phenomenon of Total Internal reflection. A beam of IR Radiation entering a crystal will undergo total internal reflection when the angle of incidence at the interface between the sample and the crystal is greater than critical angle. In this way an evanescent wave penetrates into the sample in contact with the crystal producing IR spectrum of the sample. It is an easy-to-use FT-IR sampling method that is ideal for solids, liquids and very hard samples.
Major Specifications:
        · Spectral Range : 500-4000 Cm-1
        · Resolution : 2 Cm-1
        · Sample required : 10-50 mg (solid), 1ml (liquid)
        · Source : Nernst Glower
        · Interferometer: Rock solid Micheson Interferometer
        · Crystal : Diamond brazed into Tungsten carbide
        · Detector : DTGS (Deuterated Triglycine Sulphate)
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