The Fluorocube - Life Time System housed at SAIF-IITM is from JOBIN-VYON M/S. It has pulsed-Diode excitation sources. The LED's available are 280,295,340,370,390 and 460nm. We can measure solutions only at present the researcher has to give both excitation & emission values for measuring the fluoroscence decay of the sample solution.



B. Quenching Study: Lifetime quenching studies of a fluorophore can be carried out in presence of a suitable quencher. This study will clarify whether the quenching is static or dynamic in nature (If the excited state lifetime is changing with quencher concentration, such quenching is known as dynamic quenching).

C. FRET:Forster resonance energy transfer (FRET) study using lifetime quenching can be carried out, from which the rate of energy transfer can be determined.



Time Resolved Emission Experiments

Available Nano-LED's 280, 295, 340, 370, 390, 405 and 460nm
Spectra LED's 310, 370, 460nm

A. TCSPC: Fluorescence lifetime (FLT) is the time a fluorophore spends in the excited state before emitting a photon and returning to the ground state. FLT can vary from picoseconds to hundreds of nanoseconds depending on the fluorophore.The lifetime of a fluorophores is the time measured for the number of excited molecules to decay exponentially to N/e (36.8%) of the original population via the loss of energy through fluorescence or non-radiative processes.Fluorescence lifetime is an intrinsic property of a fluorophore. FLT does not depend on fluorophore concentration, absorption by the sample, sample thickness, method of measurement, fluorescence intensity, photo-bleaching, and/or excitation intensity. It is affected by external factors, such as temperature, polarity, and the presence of fluorescence quenchers. Fluorescence lifetime is sensitive to internal factors that are dependent on fluorophore structure.Time correlated single photon counting experiment provides the excited state lifetime of a fluorophore.

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