Bruker AVANCE HD 500MHz FT-NMR Spectrometer

The AV III HD Ascend 500 NMR instrument employed for recording both Solution State and Solid State and NMR experiments. A microprobe accessory is also available for collecting solution state NMR data on mass-limited samples requiring high sensitivity(biomolecules and natural products)


Major Specifications:

Magnet system

High performance actively shielded ASCEND 500 MHz super-conducting magnet system, standard bore size(54 mm) with operational field at 11.746 Tesla. Built in cryo-shims & 34 channel room temperature shims.
Helium level meter and Nitrogen sensor, Helium hold time ~360 days

Shim system/Lock channel:

High performance shim system with 36 orthogonal shim gradients, Bruker Smart Magnet Control System(BSMS) for shim and lock control unit, including digital lock frequency generation, digital quadrature lock receiver, 2H amplifier with integrated lock switch for 2H gradient shimming etc

Avance III HD Electronic Circuit

Compact AQS-IPSO with 3 IPSO frequency Channels and 1 gradient channel, Fast Ethernet based communication and control system for bi-directional connection to the host computer; Pulse generating system with a time based of highest precision, timing resolution:12.5 ns; Frequency generation for two RF channels by digital frequency synthesis, frequency range each 6-643 MHz generation of phase, amplitude and frequency using Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS). Phase Resolution ? 0.01 degree; frequency resolution ?0.005 Hz
Wave form memory for pulse shaping in frequency, amplitude and phase. Composite-pulse decoupling generator for synchronous and asynchronous operation


2-channel Amplifier System including BLAX 500/100 amplifier system for high performanc liquids and for routine CPMAS applications., High performance linear amplifier for the multinuclear range, with 500W pulse power in the range 6-365 MHz, ATR transmitter/Receiver system with high dynamic range


1H/19F HP LNA high power noise preamplifier
BBLNA low noise broadband preamplifier
2H LNA preamplifier for lock and 2H observation

1. MAS III Fully automated Pneumatic Unit with Buffer
2. 4 mm Rotor Transport System
3.Peripheral Devices/interface for VT operation, gradient shimming & Gradient Spectroscopy


Probes Available

5 mm Broadband gradient probe (PA BBO 500S1 BBF-H-D-05 Z SP)

X-nuclei optimized double resonance Broad Band probe for X-nuclei observation with 1H decoupling and 1H observation; Automatic Tuning and Matching; 2H Lock; Z-gradient capability.
Broad Band range: 19F, 31P -109Ag; VT range: -150°C to +150°C.

4mm Broad Band CP- MAS Solids Probe, with VT

Cross Polarisation Magic Angle Spinning Probe for multinuclear observation,with1H cross polarisation for observation of nuclei in the range109Ag to 31P with1H decoupling; Variable temperature range - 50 to + 80°C; Tuning Range: 15N-31P+1H

1.7mm Triple Inverse Probe with gradient(TXI)

Inverse triple Resonance 1H/13C/15N Probe head for 1.7mm sample diameter, for 1H observation13C and15 N decoupling can also be used as double resonance probe 1H/13C or 1H/15N. Sample volume:30 μl, Z-gradient, Variable temperature operation from -50 to + 80°C with N2 gas.


Latest configuration HP workstation with 24"TFT monitor and Windows 7 based TOPSPIN 3.5 software. Auto sampler for 24 samples and VT accessories

Sample Requirements

Solid State: 200-300 mg, fine powder
Solution State NMR: 5- 50 mg powder sample or 0.5-1 ml Neat liquid sample



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