High Resolution Scanning Electron Microscope

FEI-Quanta FEG 200F is a versatile high resolution Scanning Electron Microscope.


Source: FEG assembly with Schottky emitter(-200V to 30kV)

Beam Current: >100nA

Resolution: 1.2nm(Gold nano particles suspended on Carbon substrate)

Magnification: 12X-105X

Mode: HighVacuum(for conductors), Low Vacuum(for insulators) and ESEM(for biospecimen)

Accessories available: EDX and WDS


  • Surface analysis
  • Materials evaluation
  • Failure analysis
  • Monitoring corrosion
  • Particle distribution
  • Structural analysis
Sample Required

Dimension (lxbxh) < 10 mm (button size)

Non conducting samples will require gold coating.

Powder samples : 10mg

Magnetic samples should be pelletized.

For queries please contact 044-22575935 (HRSEM lab)

Working Principle

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