BRUKER D8 VENTURE SC-XRD with Mo- and Cu-radiation

BRUKER D8 VENTURE SC-XRD system is used for 3D structure determination from single crystals. The system can be tailored to cover all typical single crystal applications in structural biology and chemical crystallography. For greater flexibility the Bruker D8 VENTURE SC-XRD allows the combination of two X-ray sources (Mo, Cu) with a highly accurate goniometer. The PHOTON 100 CMOS detector is optimized for both Mo(Kα), Cu(Kα) radiations. The wavelength switching is fully automated. For the best use of the dual source, users are requested to give the expected formulae of the compounds (or at least the elements present) as accurately as possible in the registration form.
  • Two different wavelength sources (Mo(Kα), Cu(Kα))
  • Fast and fully-automated wavelength switch
  • High resolution data with sealed tube Mo-radiation
  • Determination of absolute structures for light atom organic compounds with IμSCu-radiation
  • KAPPA goniometer
  • The large area low noise PHOTON 100 detectorwith CMOS-sensor technology which facilitates shutter-less data collection. The machine is tested for its accuracy of data collection.
  • For low temperature data collection, OXFORD Cryosystem attachment is available. The users who want low temperature data collection must give separate request during registration.
  • APEX3 for data collection
  • SAINT for data reduction
  • SADABS for absorption correction
  • SHELXTL for structure solution and refinement


















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