CS744 Analyser

Determination of Carbon and Sulphur in Metals, Ores, Ceramics and other Inorganic Materials.
Measurement range for 1 g of sample
  • Carbon 0.002 to 60 mg
  • Sulphur 0.002 to 17.5 mg
  • Sample required:1gram
    Samples can be submitted in the form of powder, disk, pellet, granules, pins, chips and flakes
  • Dimensions of the sample pins: 7mm dia and 2mm thickness
  • Dimensions of the sample disc: 1cm dia and 1mm thickness
    Sample images are shown here:

  • Accelerators used for light alloys: Lecocele II
  • Accelerators used for heavy alloys(SS/cast iron): Lecocele II + iron chip
  • Sample preparation: According to ASTM procedure
  • Crucible available: Ceramic
  • Software: Cornerstone


Maximum 5 samples will be accepted for each workorder..




















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