Due to operational reasons all the External/Internal users are requested to submit the samples for VSM Facility on or after 25 Jan 2017.


The ESR facility is currently available in Room No.7 of SAIF building since 17th October 2016.


Due to backlog of samples for TG-DSC we are not in a position to accept fresh samples till 31st December 2016.


WDS Facility is currently under Technical Maintenance. We regret the inconvenience. we hope to make this facility available very soon.

Thermal Analysis DSC

Due to technical reasons DSC204 is currently operable only in the high temperature mode. Samples can be accepted only for high temperature measurements. DSC low temperature measurements cannot be carried out.


Users are requested to take back the remaining /recovered samples within 1 week from the date of receipt of the result; otherwise these samples will be discarded without further notice.

Important Announcement

Please note that in the event the DD amount/payment received is more than the actual analyses charges incurred, it will NOT be possible to refund the excess amount paid. However, the excess amount may be adjusted against future analyses by the same user or another user from the same organization following a written request by Email or hard copy.

About SAIF

    The Sophisticated Analytical Instruments Facility (SAIF), formerly known as RSIC, was established by Department of Science and Technology (DST). This is the first among the seven RSIC's established subsequently by DST. The purpose of establishing these centres is to provide data collection facility from sophisticated analytical equipments to scientific community for their advanced research with nominal charges. The facility has grown into a major centre for spectral measurements, molecular and crystal structure determination and materials characterization.

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