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In case of lab visits by group of students/faculty/employees from Industries/R&D labs, kindly provide the number of visitors and their designation (eg. Student/faculty/staff etc) and the labs they want to visit in particular. This is needed to obtain security clearance. A basic knowledge of the use/application or principle of working of the instrument will help you understand things better in the available time. Kindly note that the size of the laboratories restricts us to 25 visitors at a time.

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It is mandatory that a prior written / e.mail confirmation is obtained from the Head of SAIF before you visit. Requisition forms are to be formally approved and signed by the Head of the Department or Guide or a senior official of your Institution/company.


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* Normally all visits to SAIF are arranged in the afternoon from 14:00hrs to 17:00hrs (2pm-5pm). Under very special circumstances a visit can be arranged in the morning (10:00hrs to 13:00hrs) for which a request has to be made to with a copy marked to Kindly make sure that the requested date is a working day for IIT Madras.

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