Dr. Babu Varghese
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Dr. Babu Varghese obtained his Ph.D (1985) in Crystallography (Physics) from IIT Madras - worked on optical diffraction studies by erythrocyte membranes and hemoglobin molecule in various liquid media (1985-87). Senior Scientific Officer in charge of X–ray laboratory from 1987 -2013). After retirement(2013), Dr. Babu Varghese is currently working as a consultant to Single crystal x-ray diffraction laboratory in SAIF at IIT Madras

Educational Background

PhD: Physics


Main research interests are in theoretical physics, theoretical crystallography and routine crystal structure solution.


Out-door games.

List of Publications of Dr.Babu Varghese

Publications in International (200) and National (6) Refereed Journals. (as on nov. 2012)article

1. Padmanabhan and S.R. Ramadas, Babu Varghese and  S. Srinivasan.  3 phenyl 5 oxo-7, 7-Dimethyl-1(H), 4(H)-5,6,7,8-Tetrahydrobenzo[c] pyridazine Cryst. Struct. Comm., 11, 1277-1282 (1982).

2. Babu Varghese, S. Srinivasan, Ramadas, S.R. and P.V. Padmanabhan, Structure of 2-(2 Nitrobenzylidene) indian-1, 3-dione. Acta Cryst., C42, 1542-1544 (1986).

3. Babu Varghese, S. Srinivasan, P.V. Padmanabhan and S.R. Ramadas.  Crystal structure of Ethyl [3-(1,3-Dioxoindanylidene 1 - Oxoindan-2yl] acetate.  Acta Cryst., C42 1544-1546 (1986)

4. Babu Varghese, S. Srinivasan, P.V. Padmanabhan and S.R. Ramadas.  6,6-Dimethyl 1-oxo-1,2-diphenyl-4,5,6,7, tetrahydroindole.  Acta Cryst., C42, 1549-1551 (1986).

5. Ramalingam, G. Aravamudan, M. Seshasayee and Babu Varghese.  Structure of Bis(monothiobenzoato-s) [ethylene(di-phenylphospino)] nickel(II). Acta Cryst., C44, (1987).

6. Babu Varghese, S. Srinivasan, P.V. Padmanabhan and S.R. Ramadas.  Crystal structure of 2-[4-Oxo-2,3-diphenylidene] [1,2-bipyrrol-l-yljethyl acetate. Acta Cryst., C42, 1546-1549 (1989).

7. Venkatalakshmi N., Babu Varghese, S. Lalitha, R.F.X Williams and P.T. Manoharan.  A weak ferromagnetic exchange coupled dimer structure and magnetism of Cu(dcmdt croc)2.  J. Am. Chem. Soc., 111, 5748-5758 (1989).

8. Ganesh, V.; Babu Verghese, ; Seshasayee, M.; Bakthavatchalam, R.; Ramadas, S.R. Structure of 1a,2,2a,3,3a,4,4a,5a,6,6a,7,7a,8,8a-tetradecahydro-2,8:4,6-dimethanoanthra[2,3-b:6,7-b']bisoxirene-3,7-diol monohydrate. Acta Crystallographica, Section C: Crystal Structure Communications  (1989),  C45(10),  1551-4

9. Sreehari, Babu Varghese and P.T. Manoharan.  Crystal and Molecular structure of Dimeric Bis [N, N din propyldithiocarbomato] zinc(II) and the study of exchange coupled Copper(II)-Copper(II) pairs in its lattice. Inorg. Chem. 29, 4011-4015 (1990).

10. Anil Jacob Elias, M.N. Sudheendra Rao and Babu Varghese.  Cyclic S-N compounds and Phosphorous reagents-VII.  Reactions of S4N4 with tertiary characterisation of (R2N) 3PN-S3N3 derivatives and their addition products with Norbornidiene.  X-ray crystal structure of (C5H10N)3 PN-S3N3. Polyhedron Vol. 9, No. 12, 1433-1440 (1990).

11. Geetha Ramakrishnan, P., Sambasiva Rao, Babu Varghese and S. Subramanian.  EPR and Structural Investigations on Single Crystals of K2NbO2F5H2O.  Inorg. Chem., Vol. 30, 1630 (1991).

12. Ramesh Kondepudi, S., Srinivasan and Babu Varghese.  Structure and fluorescent properties of luminescent dyes derived from 7-dimethylamino-1, 4-benzoxazin-2-one. Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Physics., Vol. 30, 389-394 (1992).

13. Gilroy Alex, S. Srinivasan, R. Bakthavatchalam, S.R. Ramadas and Babu Varghese.   Structures of   Dervatives of Diels-Alder Adduct 1, 4, 4a, 5, 8, 8a, 9a, 10a-octahydrol, 4, 5, 8-dimetheno 9,8 anthraquinone. Acta Cryst., C49, 303-307 (1993).

14. Sudarsanakumar, S. Srinivasan, Prathibha and Babu Varghese. Crystal Structure and   Conformation of two N-tosyl-protected dipeptides containing amino acids with polar sidechains.  Int. J. Peptide and Protein.  Res. Vol. 2, 294-299 (1993).

15. Lizamma Mathew, Babu Varghese and S. Sankararaman.  Photochemistry of Charge Transfer Complexes of Systems  Derivatives with Tetramitromethane, X-ray Crystal Structure of a Novel Dimeric Adduct from P-methylistyrene. J. Chem. Soc. Perkin Trans 2, 2390-2404 (1993).

16. Darshan Ranganathan, Narendra K. Vaish, G.V.R. Chandramouli, Babu Varghese, Rajendra Bose Muthukumaran and P.T. Manoharan.  Crystal structure of [Aib-COCO--Aob] Cu2:  A unique example of modular self assembly. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 117, 1643-1644 (1995).

17. Jayabalan, R. Asokamani, S. Natarajan and Babu Varghese.  Single Crystal Structure of NdBa2Cu3O6.88  Superconductor with a tetragonal unit cell. J. Solid. State. Chem., 121, 415-417 (1996).

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19. Palanichamy Manikandan, Babu Varghese and P.T. Manoharan.  Structure, Characterization and Dynamics of Copper (I) Complexes of 2, 6-Bis (3,5-dimethyl-1-pyrozol-1-ylmethyl) Pyridine. J. Chem. Soc., Dalton. Trans. 371-376, (1996).

20. Pradeep Mathur,  Aswini K. Dash, Md. Munkin Hossain, C. V. V. Sathyanarayana and Babu Varghese. A chalcogen stablilized cluster containing an s-trans-1,3-diene ligand; Synthesis and structural characterization of {(CO)6Fe2Sc2}2 (m-s-trans C4H2). J. Organometallic Chemistry, 506, 307-312 (1996).

21. Dhruva Ramkumar, Mahadevan Kalpana, Babu Varghese and Sethuraman Sankararaman.  Cyclization of Enediyne Radical Cations through chemical, photochemical and electrochemical oxidation:  The Role of State Symmetry. J. Org. Chem. (March 22, (1996)

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29. Velayutham, M., Babu Varghese and S. Subramanian, Magneto-structural correlation Studies of a Ferromagnetically coupled dimer. Vanadium(IV) complex. Single Crystal EPR Study. Inorganic Chemistry, 37,  1336-1340 (1998).

30. A. Asokan, Babu Varghese, A. Caneschi and P.T. Manoharan, A Novel Polymer of Binuclear Nickel(II) Complex Bridged by 1,3-diaminopropane Ä Structure and Magnetism, Inorganic Chemistry, 37, 228-232, (1998).

31. Velayutham, M., Babu Varghese and S. Subramanian, Single Crystal EPR and X-ray Studies of Magnetic Exchange Interaction and Molecular Structure in Dipropylenetriamine Ethylenediamine Copper(II) perchlorate Complex [Cu(dpt)(en)(ClO4)2. Inorganic Chemistry, 37, 1336-1340, (1998).

32.  Sanjay Narayan, Vimal K. Jain and Babu Varghese, Pyridine-2-selenate complexes of palladium(II) and platinum (II): crystal structure of [(Prn3P)Cl2Pd(NC5H4Se)PdCl(P Prn3)], J. Chem. Soc., Dalton Trans., 1-8 (1998).

33. Rajnikant, V. K. Gupta, Rchana Gupta, Ajay Kumar, R. K. Bamazai, N. K. Sharma  and Babu Varghese. X-ray Analysis of 4-Cyano-4¢-n-Dodecylbiphenyl: A Liuid crystalline material,  Mol. Materials, 0, 1-6 (1998).

 34.Palanichamy Manikandan,Mahadevan Sbramoni, Babu Varghese, Periakaruppan T.   Manoharan,Ligand dynamics in tetracoordinate copper(I) complexes of bis 9pyrazolyl)  pyridine ligands, J. Chem.Soc., Dalton Trans., 3219-3225(1998).

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