Dr. K. V. RAMA

Technical Officer

Tel:91-44-2257 5933,4934

Email:rama at iitm.ac.in



Academic Profile

  • M.Sc, M.Phil & Ph.D (Analytical Chemistry) University of Madras


  • K.V.Rama and S.Rajeswari, Monitoring of manganese pollution in water bodies of Chennai city by water hyacinth, Chemical and Environmental Research Vol.10 (1&2) 2001, PP 77-82
  • K.V.Rama and S.Rajeswari, Application of water hyacinth to assess cadmium pollution in Chennai city, Indian Jl. of Environmental Protection Vol.21, No.5, May 2001, pp 385-391
  • B.Meenakshi, C.Chitra, T.R.Aravindhan, D.Niranjali, K.V.Rama and S.Valarmathy A Comparative study on the levels of alkaline phosphatase and trace elements in gingival crevicular fluid and serum of periodontitis and gingivitis patients with healthy population IOSR Jl. of Dental and Medical Sciences e-ISSN, 2279-0953 p-ISSN 2279-0961 Vol.16, Issue 1, Ver. VI Jan 2017, pp 14-17
  • B.Meenakshi, C.Chitra, T.R.Aravindhan, D.Niranjali, K.V.Rama and S.Valarmathy Estimation of Trace Elements in Gingival Crevicular Fluid and Serum Comparative Study in Healthy and Periodontitis Intl.Jl. of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research 2017; 9(5): 374-379 ISSN 0975-1556
  • S.Aruna, B.Meenakshi, K.V.Rama and S.Valarmathi Salivary levels of calcium and Phosphorus in children with and without early childhood caries: Pilot studies, SRM Journal of Research in Dental Sciences Vol11/Issue2/Apr-Jun 2020 ISSN 0976-433X

Conference Presentations

  • K.V.Rama and S.Rajeswari "Schiff's bases from N-Methyl Pyrrolidone" 11thAnnual symposium for chemistry held during March 15-16, 1986 at IITM, INDIA
  • K.V.Rama, D.Gopi, T.M.Sridhar and S.Rajeswari "Water hyacinth as an indicator of chromium pollution in Chennai city" second "International Seminar on Analytical techniques in Monitoring the Environment (ISAME)" held during Dec 18-20, 2000 at Tirupathi, INDIA

Workshops organised / attended

  • Conducted a one day workshop on Theory and Applications of ICP-OES jointly with Perkin Elmer India Ltd., on 8-11-2019 at SAIF,IITM, Chennai INDIA
  • Coordinated a UGC Refresher Course on Analytical Instrumentation during Feb 17-28, 2003 at SAIF, IITM, INDIA
  • Conducted a workshop on Thermal analysis, 12-11-2008 at SAIF, IITM, INDIA
  • Conducted a workshop on ICP-OES, 12-12-2010 at SAIF,IITM, INDIA
  • Participated in the Thermal analysis workshop conducted by MME & Setaram 18-9-2018 at IITM, INDIA
  • Participated in the National workshop on Minamata Convention and Inventorisation of Mercury in India held during Dec 4-5, 2018 at IITM, INDIA

Professional Affiliation

  • Life member (LM261) at the Indian Society of Analytical Scientists (ISAS)

Invited Lectures

  • Presented a lecture on Theory and Applications of ICP-OES at the National Workshop on Modern Spectroscopic Techniques (NWMST 2019) conducted by Dept.of Physics, SSNCE during October 24-25, 2019
  • ICP OES, Workshop on Recent Trends in Sophisticated Analytical Techniques held on 27/9/2017 at Dept. of Chemistry, Anna University, Chennai, INDIA
  • Lecture on ICP-OES, 15-6-2012 at Tirumalai Chemicals Ltd., Ranipet, INDIA
  • ICP-OES, Training programme for the Engineering graduates at C-Tech Laboratories held on 6-3-2012,Chennai, INDIA
  • ICP-OES, Workshop on Instrumentation for Engineers held on 11-11-2010 at SAIF, IITM, INDIA
  • ICP-OES, National Conference on Spectroscopic applications to Siddha Medicines held on 22-4-2010, IC&SR, IITM, INDIA
  • AES, UGC Refresher Course on Analytical Instrumentation held during Feb 17-28, 2003, SAIF, IITM, INDIA
  • ICP-OES, QIP Short term training program on Instrumental Methods of Analysis for Scientists and Engineers held during Dec 10-14, 2001, SAIF,IITM, INDIA
  • ICP-AES, Certificate course on Advances in Instrumental Analysis held during July 3-8,2000 at Dept.of Chem.Engg, A.C. Tech, Chennai, INDIA
  • AES, Short term programme on Scientific Instrumentation held during Dec 6-10, 1999 at RSIC, IITM, Chennai, INDIA
  • ICP-OES, Technology appreciation programme on " Industrial Applications of Analytical Instruments " held on 14-8- 1999 at IC&SR, IITM, Chennai, INDIA

Research Interests

  • Application of ICP-OES to problems in analytical chemistry
  • Environmental and Electro analytical chemistry

Awards / Certificates

  • Received the best paper award at ISAME, Tirupathi, INDIA
  • Secured university second rank at the Postgraduate course


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