Perkin Elmer LAMBDA 950 UV-VIS-NIR Spectrophotometer

Perkin Elmer lambda 950 UV-VIS-NIR instrument is the state of the art double beam, double monochromator spectrophotometer for studying the electronic transitions of molecules in solution as well as in the solid state. Qualitative and quantitative estimations of compounds are possible by this non- destructive technique.

Technical Description and Major Specifications:
   Wavelength range: 175-3300 nm

        Source: Deuterium lamp (UV region) and Tungsten-Halogen lamp (VIS-NIR region)

        Detectors: PMT (UV-VIS) and Peltier cooled PbS (NIR)

        Optical System: All reflecting optical system(SiO2 coated) with holographic grating monochromator with

                                          1440Lines/mm UV/Vis blazed at 240 nm and 360Lines/mm NIR blazed at 1100nm,

                                          Littrow mounting, sample thickness compensated detector optics.

        Resolution: ≤0.05 nm (UV/Vis) and ≤0.20 nm (NIR)

        Wavelength Accuracy: +/-0.08nm (UV/Vis) and +/-0.30nm (NIR)

        Photometric Range: 8A

        Integrating sphere: 10mm, with 2 different ports for Diffuse reflectance (%R) and Transmittance (%T)

        Data acquisition modes: Spectrum, kinetics and photometric with facility such as Abs, %T, %R, absolute %R, log Abs, 1st-4th derivative

        Software: UV WINLAB
Instructions for UV-VIS-NIR users:
        · Please specify the mode of measurement (A,%T,%R etc)
        · Solvents must be specified for recording solution spectra
Sample requirement:
        · Solid: ∼50 mg (powder)
        · Thin film: 1.0-1.5 cm
        · Solution: ∼5 ml
        · Qualitative and quantitative estimation of compounds
        · Study of molecular structure, reaction kinetics, solid state defects, color centers etc



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