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(NMR spectral measurement req. form for Internal users)
Kindly refer the list of charges given in the saif website

Dear Dean IC&SR,
Kindly debit my Project No for payment Amount Rs. towards analysis. (If there are addtional charges due to subsequent changes in analysis a separate bill for the same will be sent to the PI).

Guide's approval(in case of student)
The payment of Rs. may be made from the recurring grant of department.

(Use one form for a Max. of 4 samples)
Please submit the request for NMR through net only. No Hard copy of the data will be given. After submitting the request, submit the properly labeled sample/s to the NMR room
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  SLNO Sample Code 1H C13 DEPT 135 H-H COSY HMBC HSQC NOESY ROESY More Experiments Solvent used & Concentraiton ⁄ special instruction
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As per the guide-lines of the Department of Science and Technology (DST), in all publications of research work,where in the analytical services of the SAIF have been made use of, the DST and the SAIF shall be duly acknowledged.Kindly send us the publication reference (Journal name/volume number/names of the authors/date of issue of the publication etc) to us.

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