The JEOL GCMATE II GC-MS with Data system is a high resolution, double focusing instrument. Maximum resolution: 6000 Maximum calibrated mass: 1500 Daltons. Source options: Electron impact (EI); Chemical ionization (CI) .

  1. Structural elucidation of organic compounds.
  2. Mechanistic study of fragmentation process under mass spectrometric condition.
  3. Molar mass and structural analysis of small biomolecules.


Types of analyses possible:

1.Normal positive ion mass spectra in EI / CI mode
2.Negative ion mass spectra in EI / CI mode
3.High-resolution analysis
4.Daughter-ion analysis (B/E linked-scan)
5.Parent-ion analysis (B2/E linked-scan
6.GC-MS analysis
7.NIST library Search
8.Quantitative analysis by SIM mode.



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